Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wonderful Day at the field!

Today was such a joy to be at the ball field watching BOTH my boys having fun and doing well. Generally Rayle is a little pill and will give up, throw a tantrum, and run off the field or not even get on it. I am not about that at all!! Last week we told him if he wanted the treat at the end of the game he had to play. Well it worked for the last inning and he played, but not very happily. Today was so different, on the way there I told him the same thing, that he would not get the treat after the game if he did not play. He did WONDERFUL, he went after the ball, and if he didn't get it he didn't have a melt down. When other team members went after the ball and he got it he gave them a chance to throw the ball after he had gotten it. He did great hitting too. It was such an improvement, and I am SO PROUD of him. Teagan is getting better every day. His team is really working hard to hit coach pitch. In the three at bats Teagan had, he hit coach pitch two times. Both were solid hits. His other hit was from the tee and he ripped it!!! Teagan continues to get better and is really loving the game. He still dances out in the field but he is ready when the ball is hit. It was fun to be able to watch the boys play something that I loved to play too. What a fun way to spend time with my family!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


For some reason I could not upload Rayle's pictures the other day. Try try again and today it worked!! This year Rayle is playing with the 3 and 4 year olds t-ball team. So Rayle's baseball experience has been a struggle for the most part. He wants to be the star and pro the first day out. However he has to learn how to play first. So there have been LOTS of tantrums on the practice field. We are really working hard with this. Today he had practice and it was the BEST one so far. He did have two teeny tiny melt downs but he got back out there and tried. He wants to get the ball first and does not want others to have a chance. We are working on sharing and that he does not always have to get the ball. His hitting was AWESOME today and there is always a HUGE smile on his face when he hits the ball off the tee. I hope that as the season continues that he will improve and also his attitude as well. When we got to the field on Saturday Rayle saw all the children dressed and ready for the games. He said, "Mom look at all the new friends I will have." It was fun to see him really excited, and now he thinks every practice is a game.


Rayle dressed and ready to PLAY BALL!! Warming up big league!! Rayle waiting to hit. I was sitting with him and cheering on his team mates. Rayle was upset and said, "Mom those are not your kids why are you cheering for them?" "Because I want to encourage your team to play well", I told him. Silly boy!
Rayle hitting the ball.
Thumbs up at second base. He did really good and LOVES the games. Two more days Rayle and you can get out there again!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Team Champions

Teagan is on the 5 and 6 year old coach pitch team. I am really impressed thus far with his team and coaches. Teagan is really loving baseball. The first practice I had to keep reminding him to be quiet because he had some comment about how to do this and how to do that regarding baseball. I told him he needed to listen to his coach and preform how the coach wanted him to. I hope that next year the coach will still be with this age group and Rayle can be on the team. Teagan will move up to the big leagues with the 7-10 years. Saturday April 2 was the first game, and it was HOT!! We were at the park for over three hours because Rayle's game was an hour before Teagan's and Teagan needed to be there early since we had not gotten his uniform shirt. So instead of going home and then literally turning around to go back we just stayed there. Ashlyn did really well as did Rayle. Brian had worked the night before with no sleep he came but then about half way went home with Rayle and Ashlyn. The heat was a little much and being there that long didn't help. Hopefully we can learn to deal with this as we go on. A few games will be back to back but most will allow us to go home for a few hours in between. Here is a few pictures to recap.


Teagan warming up with his team Yeah look at that hit. Look at the FACE. It's hard to see but what concentration!!!! Running from first base. GO TEAGAN!!
Playing third base. Okay here most of the time he was DANCING around and talking to the other team.
Go Team get that ball!!!!
I LOVE baseball and I love seeing my boys enjoy playing!!

Seriously March where did you go????

The song Where Are You Christmas? that Little CindiLou sings in the Grinch that Stole Christmas has been running through my head, except I say March instead. I remember there was a Spring Break, we worked on the yard. Also last week Brian and I celebrated our 9 wedding anniversary, but well the rest of it was a BLUR. On the 30th (our anniversary) we had a food adventure. We started off at PizzaMart for beer battered zucchini. YUM and well CHEAP!! Then we went on to Toby Keith's for dinner. Generally we LOVE that bar I mean place ;), but our food was not prepared to our order, so that was a downer. On to the next stop we were on the hunt for Tangled, hey I have a GIRL now so I can indulge in princess movies. Okay ya the boys have watched it just as much. Target was out of the movie in to locations we stopped at. :( Yeah we got in on Friday when we stopped in for a birthday gift for one of Teagan's friends. After our search Brian and I headed to Oregano's for YUMMY PizzaCookie for dessert!!! LOVE this! The kiddos crashed my mom's house for the night and it was nice to be home alone! The end of March both boys started t-ball and coach pitch. It has been a challenge with Rayle as he wants to do the best but he still is learning. April will be lots of practices and heck Saturdays, but I am so excited to see my little men in a uniform for the first time!!