Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Seriously March where did you go????

The song Where Are You Christmas? that Little CindiLou sings in the Grinch that Stole Christmas has been running through my head, except I say March instead. I remember there was a Spring Break, we worked on the yard. Also last week Brian and I celebrated our 9 wedding anniversary, but well the rest of it was a BLUR. On the 30th (our anniversary) we had a food adventure. We started off at PizzaMart for beer battered zucchini. YUM and well CHEAP!! Then we went on to Toby Keith's for dinner. Generally we LOVE that bar I mean place ;), but our food was not prepared to our order, so that was a downer. On to the next stop we were on the hunt for Tangled, hey I have a GIRL now so I can indulge in princess movies. Okay ya the boys have watched it just as much. Target was out of the movie in to locations we stopped at. :( Yeah we got in on Friday when we stopped in for a birthday gift for one of Teagan's friends. After our search Brian and I headed to Oregano's for YUMMY PizzaCookie for dessert!!! LOVE this! The kiddos crashed my mom's house for the night and it was nice to be home alone! The end of March both boys started t-ball and coach pitch. It has been a challenge with Rayle as he wants to do the best but he still is learning. April will be lots of practices and heck Saturdays, but I am so excited to see my little men in a uniform for the first time!!

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