Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Team Champions

Teagan is on the 5 and 6 year old coach pitch team. I am really impressed thus far with his team and coaches. Teagan is really loving baseball. The first practice I had to keep reminding him to be quiet because he had some comment about how to do this and how to do that regarding baseball. I told him he needed to listen to his coach and preform how the coach wanted him to. I hope that next year the coach will still be with this age group and Rayle can be on the team. Teagan will move up to the big leagues with the 7-10 years. Saturday April 2 was the first game, and it was HOT!! We were at the park for over three hours because Rayle's game was an hour before Teagan's and Teagan needed to be there early since we had not gotten his uniform shirt. So instead of going home and then literally turning around to go back we just stayed there. Ashlyn did really well as did Rayle. Brian had worked the night before with no sleep he came but then about half way went home with Rayle and Ashlyn. The heat was a little much and being there that long didn't help. Hopefully we can learn to deal with this as we go on. A few games will be back to back but most will allow us to go home for a few hours in between. Here is a few pictures to recap.


Teagan warming up with his team Yeah look at that hit. Look at the FACE. It's hard to see but what concentration!!!! Running from first base. GO TEAGAN!!
Playing third base. Okay here most of the time he was DANCING around and talking to the other team.
Go Team get that ball!!!!
I LOVE baseball and I love seeing my boys enjoy playing!!

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