Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wonderful Day at the field!

Today was such a joy to be at the ball field watching BOTH my boys having fun and doing well. Generally Rayle is a little pill and will give up, throw a tantrum, and run off the field or not even get on it. I am not about that at all!! Last week we told him if he wanted the treat at the end of the game he had to play. Well it worked for the last inning and he played, but not very happily. Today was so different, on the way there I told him the same thing, that he would not get the treat after the game if he did not play. He did WONDERFUL, he went after the ball, and if he didn't get it he didn't have a melt down. When other team members went after the ball and he got it he gave them a chance to throw the ball after he had gotten it. He did great hitting too. It was such an improvement, and I am SO PROUD of him. Teagan is getting better every day. His team is really working hard to hit coach pitch. In the three at bats Teagan had, he hit coach pitch two times. Both were solid hits. His other hit was from the tee and he ripped it!!! Teagan continues to get better and is really loving the game. He still dances out in the field but he is ready when the ball is hit. It was fun to be able to watch the boys play something that I loved to play too. What a fun way to spend time with my family!!

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Theresa C said...

Sounds like fun! I can't wait for Jaren to start playing t-ball this summer. Hopefully he won't have too many meltdowns :). I love that Teagan dances out in the cute!