Friday, September 12, 2014

Do you wanna build a snowman?

I feel like I am building something over here! Party planning, I seriously LOVE it, but I may or may not get way over my head! I am slowly knocking off projects for the #extremefrozen party. I have been using that hashtag on Instagram so I can look at what I have done. Today I made up some hair accessories, but now I can't find my clips that I know I had. UGH I am hoping to run into Sally's up the road and see if they have a box of clips. Then I drew up an Elsa dress and planned to transfer it to a blank canvas. Well my transfer paper is for darker colors and the canvas is white. So it didn't work. I painted the canvas silver but it's still REALLY light colored so I will add another coat of paint and then try the transfer again. Next week I need to buy all the stuff to continue decorations. Hopefully I can decorate Friday night, so party day will be stress free and I can focus on some food prep. Oh and I am kicking myself that I didn't order more beads. The necklaces I made are beyond cute and I would have loved to make more and sell them for profit. UGH hopefully I can get some soon! I still have lots to do, but I also need to remember I am 34 weeks pregnant and need to not over do it as well. Oh it's a fine line!