Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Tomorrow is May 1st!!! Seriously why is this year flying by??? But then I feel it's taking forever to get to 20 weeks. Still tired and hoping my energy returns soon and maybe my patience or what little I had left comes back too! 
This girl wanting to take selfies at church and then posing with no prep from me. 
Totally let Rayle draw on a mustache. What ever makes him smile sometimes!
Yesterday she had recital pictures but 1 the sun was in her eyes 2 she was too excited mom put on some makeup for her 3 Frozen was playing =she wouldn't smile at me, whiling looking at the camera. 
Can't wait until next week!!!
Gathering activity at April Pack Meeting. Boys enjoyed it!
Some random cuties that call me mom. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Today in Relief Society we had a lesson which really hit home for me. It was a little about how the world and it's view on marriage and family are shifting. This has actually been on my mind but not so up front and bam! I have been thinking back to being a kid and what did I look forward to on Fridays? Remember the old anagram TGIF? All those fun shows geared towards the family staying home and watching some fun entertainment! Well TGIF is not something my kids look forwards to, so why is that? Well most of my generation that watched these shows, Full House, Family Matters, and others do not have children yet. We as a society have felt that careers and life style should come before starting that family. Also the number of children that we consider to be enough has gone down. I grew up with one older brother and one younger sister. In "Mormon" terms this is not a large family. Now having one child seems like enough. And waiting until careers are in place before we think about marriage is the norm. I remember my dad stressing college then marriage. Well I didn't go that route, and I am glad I didn't. I was barely 21 when Brian and I wed and only 23 when I had Teagan. I am grateful that I started my family young and I wish that family would become the center again. That's what I always wanted to be was a mother. I didn't want to wait! We did celebrate two years of marriage before Teagan was born though and I am happy that we spent two years getting to know each other. Now as I am expecting #4 I am sure outsiders think she had two boys and one girl that is plenty. But to me, who always dreamed of being a mom it's not. I would have guilt and regret if I was just done, now I am not planning of starting some TV shows The Gibson's 4 and Counting, haha but to me the family is the most important thing! The reason why I am here in the first place. I chose to agree to the Plan of Salvation and come to Earth. I wanted to be a mother and rear my children towards God. Now I am still learning! Not perfect at all but I am trying and I am thankful to have my beliefs. I want others to look at me and know I CHOSE to be a mother! I CHOSE to have my children. So far they have all been planned!!! And I can honestly say that I don't think #4 is my done number. Now Brian will probably disagree here but the plan had not been to wait so long to have more children. But I could not and would not bring another baby into the place we lived prior. Life was at a standstill at that place with no progress and we were all so already cramped and stressed. So baby #4 has been waiting. I always say you can't wait until the perfect timing so I guess I didn't heed my own advice but life was not great. So I jumped now. Are we financially stable? Nope! But I know we are going to welcome #4 and all will be okay. For me life is not about the wealth at the end of life but what we do during this time on Earth. I wanted to be a mother and so that's what I am doing. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Pregnancy Update

On Sunday I will be 14 weeks and entering my second trimester. I hope with this new chapter that my energy and feeling well RETURNS!!! Being pregnant this time around seems like a lot harder. All my kids I had in my twenties and I am just beyond tired and feeling cruddy everyday pretty much! Of course I do get up really early everyday and watch a baby, so that could be adding to my exhaustion!!!  I can't believe I worked full time away from home with Teagan, how did I do it??? I remember with Rayle being tired and having Teagan play downstairs while I hung out, but I still cooked almost every night. We lived in Coolidge there were not a lot of let's go out for a quick dinner options there. Then when I was pregnant with Ashlyn, Brian was furloughed and home but I do remember not being able to control my sleep. That's all I wanted to do was sleep. So I hope next week I will feel back to myself even if just a little!!! My laundry habits have been I am surprised the kids' teachers haven't emailed and to say man your kids STINK. I should be doing one load a day to be on top of it, and it's like two loads a week. Saturdays seem to be like two loads to play catch up. Also making dinner has been a roller coaster. Making anything chicken then turns me off to even eating after I spent time preparing the meal! I went grocery shopping with Brian and all the smells oh my, it was awful. I have since been again and I tried not to go near the stinky places, i.e. seafood, deli, and the coffee areas. Those just make my GAG. I know there is an end to all of this, so let's hope it's back to me soon! So hears to hoping, fingers crossed! Also I feel very LARGE I know I am not that big but because of my excess weight I don't feel my body can handle the weight gain. Right now I am almost at the weight I was when I delivered my kids. With all three pregnancies my end weight was about the same 165-170. Back in October when I had my IUD taken out I was 175!!! I almost fell off the scale seeing that. I asked if the extra weight was from the IUD and they said oh no it must be my hormones. Well those checked out normal, so I am blaming that! It is a side-affect, and NEVER again am I going that route! When I went in for my first check up I was down 12.5lbs and I don't get sick throwing up, I get sick dry heaves. I still am eating almost normal so I feel yep that darn IUD is to blame. I still am about the same weight and I will ask my doctor about the extra weight gain and if my body can handle it, since I am overweight.

A little about baby
So if your visual and want to know, then baby is about the size of a lemon! Measuring 3 1/2 inches and about 1 1/2 oz. Aw so cute!!! And we are finding out the gender! I know me not waiting but with such a large age gap we will have, I want to be ready and know what's coming. 6 weeks and we can find out. I hope it goes fast!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Dairy Field Trip

Last week we were able to go on a field trip with Ashlyn's preschool. We love this field trip. I have been four times with our kids and each time I love seeing all the excitement of what farm animals do to little kids. Ashlyn has been waiting ever so patiently for this event. She had talked about feeding a horse, petting a bunny, and of course seeing cows!!! It was nice because Brian was able to go along as the trip fell on a day off for him. We all had a wonderful time. And I just think man in four or five years I'll get to go again with our newest little Gibson!!!

Love this girl and glad we were able to spend some fun time with her!!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

In the world of Ashlyn

I wish almost daily to be able to crawl into Ashlyn's head and be able to see how she comes up with everything she says. I am consently laughing either out loud or covering up my giggles. Lately since I am pregnant she has decided she is also expecting. It's funny she'll say the baby is kicking or even it's time for the baby to come out now! It's funny. Also lately she is very concerned about becoming a grandma! Hello how about we work on turning five in August first! She doesn't want to get old. So now she is not getting married and not becoming a mom so then she won't be a grandma. She also doesn't want me to be a grandma either. Well I've got some other options that can make me grandma. Haha silly girl. She'll also come up with other random things. Tonight she made DisneyLand and we had to pay a dollar to enter and we then got to pet her animals. That sounds more like a zoo but whatever. Also she asked me "Do you know why the Earth is moving?" I was prepared for an awesome answer but she said "because everyone wants to be nice!" LOL Ashlyn comes up with the strangest things!  I laughed so hard. She is one funny little girl! Love that spunky girl. She gets into trouble a lot but she sure is entertaining.  

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


We are going to have a baby in October!!! So excited! The kids can't wait. I am 11 weeks and anxious to know what this baby will be. I got rid of a lot of stuff and need to know especially clothes what we need to prepare for. I honestly am hoping for another little girl so Ashlyn can have a sister, but feeling like it's a boy. Hopefully we will be able to tell at the ultrasound! My due date is around Oct. 19-23 I had an early ultrasound and they said the baby was measuring smaller but hello all my kids are small! So we shall see! Can't wait!!! The count down has begun!