Friday, April 4, 2014

In the world of Ashlyn

I wish almost daily to be able to crawl into Ashlyn's head and be able to see how she comes up with everything she says. I am consently laughing either out loud or covering up my giggles. Lately since I am pregnant she has decided she is also expecting. It's funny she'll say the baby is kicking or even it's time for the baby to come out now! It's funny. Also lately she is very concerned about becoming a grandma! Hello how about we work on turning five in August first! She doesn't want to get old. So now she is not getting married and not becoming a mom so then she won't be a grandma. She also doesn't want me to be a grandma either. Well I've got some other options that can make me grandma. Haha silly girl. She'll also come up with other random things. Tonight she made DisneyLand and we had to pay a dollar to enter and we then got to pet her animals. That sounds more like a zoo but whatever. Also she asked me "Do you know why the Earth is moving?" I was prepared for an awesome answer but she said "because everyone wants to be nice!" LOL Ashlyn comes up with the strangest things!  I laughed so hard. She is one funny little girl! Love that spunky girl. She gets into trouble a lot but she sure is entertaining.  

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