Friday, June 29, 2012


The carpet in the house is um, nice if you like that worn out look. We have been wanting to replace it and finally since we bought that massive bed, had the drive to do so. At first we were going to go through Lumber Liquidators. But then I thought about Costco and remembered last year they had laminate flooring for a great price. So we all went to check it out, and yep it's on sale until the 8th. We bought enough to do the boys room and Ashlyn's. Brian started Ashlyn's room that night and for never having done laminate flooring he did a great job, it took him around five hours. Now with the flooring done we could tackle the bed and get it ready for our little princess!
Also we will FINALLY put up the chair rail that we had planned on since we painted this room, oh almost 3 years ago!!!
 Not sure what is on my camera, Ashlyn has a habit of getting it and taking random pictures of the fan, the floor, our bed, the ceiling, and other fun and interesting things.

 Getting started on the floor. Love the little tykes table he is using for his tools ;)

 What progress! I had taken Ashlyn with me grocery shopping so I could get her out of daddy's hair.
 All done, just needs new base board, chair rail, and a new bed!
 We eventually want to replace the entire house, but our awesome tile will have to stay a little longer. It's funny most people think the tile is cool, or at least that is what they say, I HATE IT! Yes it hides dirt, but some times too well. It's a pain to clean!

Room Make Over

Ashlyn has been climbing her dresser and pretty much destroying her room when it's nap time. It wares on a person when you have to CONSTANTLY clean up after her. So I wanted to find a bed that was a loft style with a dresser in it. I looked at one, but Brian was not keen on it because there weren't really rails on top to make sure Ashlyn would not fall off. So I kept up the search. Last month we found a bed out in BUCKEYE...ugh. So we made an offer and went to get it. However the ad never said ANYTHING about not having directions on how to put said bed together. SERIOUSLY they told us they would e-mail us some, never happened. Also the bed was already unassembled so we could not even see how it went together. All we had was the picture from the original ad. NEVER AGAIN!!! Also there was a LOT of wear and tear more than I had expected once put together. This bed is massive and so we thought let's not put it into Ashlyn's room right away, but lets replace her flooring first! Details in next post about that!

Bedding in the trailer, under the carport, sitting and waiting to get worked on.
These are the two dresser, 8 small drawers. I didn't try them out but had I, I probably would have walked away. :(
 The drawers.
 Doors for the little hide out area behind the bed. 
 This is the desk area. 
 Side panels.
It also came with a trundle twin, the top bunk is a full. There were also stickers all over the wood.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hair Styles of the Rich and the Famous

Okay well at least hair styles for Ashlyn! One day she might be rich and famous!!! I love all her HAIR!!!! Seriously so glad she has it! It's fun to think up or find new hair styles to try out on her. It is a must to pull her hair back, because when she eats she does not care if her hair falls in her face, and then she has a nice little snack for later right there all in her hair! YUCK!!! This first style I found HERE. For Ashlyn's I did it in three and I guess had I made the sections a little smaller I could have done four. So cute though and EASY!!!
 SMILE! So hard to get a good real smile. She does not hold still for long!
 Back of her hair!
 A close view!

For this next style she wore it to church and I have done the bangs french braided before, but generally I will braid the entire bang area to one side. This time I choose to part it and braid down each side and then I pulled them back into a pony. Her hair needs to be just a tab longer because you could see the hair bands. I seriously LOVED this look on her. 
 I also wish I had braided pulling back so it looked more natural when in the pony. Oh well.
 Parted to the side, then french braided just the bang area.
 Other side view.
 Close up after church while she was eating. She did not want any more pictures! She must be getting ready for the rich and the famous!!! ;)
Love all the styles and braids out there right now. It is seriously too much fun. Now if only Ashlyn had my excitement! She tolerates me doing her hair, but if I could do it EVERYDAY that would be wonderful!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Philly Shmilly

I have been wanting to try new recipes this summer and came across one that I could NOT pass up. It was for Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches. YUMMMMMM Found Here. It sounded to good and so we had some friends over to taste the goodness too. It was a hit, well at least for me and Brian! The kids didn't like the GREEN, (bell peppers!) Oh well we adults all enjoyed it, and well sometimes it should be all about the adults!

Friday, June 22, 2012


Mister Rayle had a birthday SHOUT hurray! I can't believe my little guy is six years old, but oh how he wishes he was a little older. Can we say JEALOUSY between him and Teagan. He wants to be 8 like crazy! He wants to be baptized and going to scouts. Next week we have our first pack meeting since Teagan joined scouts and I am afraid at how that will go. Hopefully Rayle can behave himself! Rayle is a wonderful kid! I love his intrinsic style. That kid will dress for the nines. He loves the ladies this one. Last year in preschool a few girls were after our blonde blue eyed little gentlemen. WATCH OUT! This last year at school a little girl caught his eye and man it is so cute the way he talks or acted around her. If they are in the same class next year we may have to watch him even closer! Rayle still loves superheros and dressing up like those crime fighters. He also recently became a little Harry Potter fan, but perfers the movies over the books that I am making us read! Rayle can have a temper, but then also be the sweetest kindest thing there is. He and Ashlyn generally get along. Teagan and Rayle clash a lot but with them only being two years apart and sharing a room, that's bound to happen. Rayle is a wonderful eater for the most part, and will try anything if there is no pepper on it. He does not like black pepper and looks closely for any of it in all meals I make. Stinks because pepper is such a wonderful spice! Yesterday at Rayle's well check he measured in at 43 inches and 36 pounds. He had jumped in percentile just a tab with height being at 22% and weight around 10%. Small but gaining. I am surprised he has not passed Teagan yet. Rayle has yet to lose a tooth and he swears there are some wiggly teeth, but nothing coming out yet. Rayle did wonderful in his first year of school. I constantly got reports home of a wonderful well behaved student. Glad is such a wonderful boy at school. He also did well making Honor Roll all four quarters at school and had straight A's!!! So proud of that kid! This last year he also learned how to tie his shoes, but still prefers to slip on his other pair of Nike's. He also loves the beach I think the most out of all the kids. He couldn't get enough in FL, and since it was FREEZING in CA he still got in but not as much. I hope in the fall we can focus him into some after school activities that can be all his own, and his behavior will improve here. Love him so much and so grateful he is a part of our family!

 Little Rayle love his blues, not the icky eye though.
Daddy and Rayle on a camping trip.
Chocolate, what chocolate? 
 Love his brightness!!!
 I am on top of the world!
Makes an awesome villain! But a better hero! 
That kid is a rocket on his bike. He goes so fast I don't know how he stays on it. 
 Going to sleep with a last imagine of a cute little girl! Oh no too young for puppy love!!!
 My little love bug!
The bow-tie is ALL him!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Taking OVER

Here are some more shots of the vegetables taking over our front planter. These pictures are even old and don't show even in just a few short weeks the plants growth. It is amazing at how fast the plants are growing. I just hope they produce more then leafy green foliage!!! 
 This is a our Summer Squash
 Here is the Watermelon plants.
 These are our Jalapeno and Green Bell Peppers.
 The Cucumber plant is really taking root into EVERY corner of the planter it feels!!!
 Strawberries...yum except the birds are enjoying them too!
Here is the Strawberry plant. I love it so much!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

getting our garden on

This year we finally planted a small garden. It is fun to walk outside and see the growth of the plants. Some of our garden was bought as sprout and some were seeds. It is amazing to see that one little seed can produce a living thing in such a short time. It's been a lot of fun, and we have gotten to eat one strawberry that was ripe already it was GOOD. Hopefully more to come soon. All of the plants that have not been picked because some one thought they were a weed have done great! I can't wait until next year when we can do it again. I think it's pretty fun!
 Here is the day we planted there is strawberry, cucumber, jalapeno, and bell pepper. and then seeds planted to the right squash, and watermelon.

 Oh a sprout! 

 The cucumber is taking off here.
 Don't you just love a man mowing the lawn with socks and sandals!
I have some more recent pictures of our garden. I will upload them and make another post.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Just a Trim

Ashlyn has LONG hair, and I was considering to get her hair cut short. Then I thought, I love doing her hair in all kinds of cute and fun styles. With short hair it's limited. So I opted for just a trim. It was pretty fun seeing her up in a chair getting her hair cut. Also nerve racking because I had all three kids. I thought Teagan and Rayle were going to destroy Kristi's salon. Ashlyn did as well as any two year old would do, and I was able to help hold her head for a better cut. She would follow directions and it lasted oh about two seconds. She would be asked to look down, and she did, but then right back up. Hopefully she will do much better next time around, and I pray brothers will NOT be with me!
 Ashlyn sitting up in the chair.
 What is this thing around my neck, not sure if I hate it or LOVE it.
 Ashlyn HATES to have her hair washed out, and the sink freaked her out, she wanted up but did allow Kristi to get her hair wet.
 Getting ready for a trim.
 Ashlyn was just too short so after this picture she actually just stood up and Kristi trimmed the back hair.
 Rayle helped with pictures so I could hold Ashlyn's head still.
 Almost done.
So cute when Ashlyn told her thank you. Thank you KRISTI!!!!