Friday, June 29, 2012


The carpet in the house is um, nice if you like that worn out look. We have been wanting to replace it and finally since we bought that massive bed, had the drive to do so. At first we were going to go through Lumber Liquidators. But then I thought about Costco and remembered last year they had laminate flooring for a great price. So we all went to check it out, and yep it's on sale until the 8th. We bought enough to do the boys room and Ashlyn's. Brian started Ashlyn's room that night and for never having done laminate flooring he did a great job, it took him around five hours. Now with the flooring done we could tackle the bed and get it ready for our little princess!
Also we will FINALLY put up the chair rail that we had planned on since we painted this room, oh almost 3 years ago!!!
 Not sure what is on my camera, Ashlyn has a habit of getting it and taking random pictures of the fan, the floor, our bed, the ceiling, and other fun and interesting things.

 Getting started on the floor. Love the little tykes table he is using for his tools ;)

 What progress! I had taken Ashlyn with me grocery shopping so I could get her out of daddy's hair.
 All done, just needs new base board, chair rail, and a new bed!
 We eventually want to replace the entire house, but our awesome tile will have to stay a little longer. It's funny most people think the tile is cool, or at least that is what they say, I HATE IT! Yes it hides dirt, but some times too well. It's a pain to clean!

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