Saturday, June 2, 2012

Just a Trim

Ashlyn has LONG hair, and I was considering to get her hair cut short. Then I thought, I love doing her hair in all kinds of cute and fun styles. With short hair it's limited. So I opted for just a trim. It was pretty fun seeing her up in a chair getting her hair cut. Also nerve racking because I had all three kids. I thought Teagan and Rayle were going to destroy Kristi's salon. Ashlyn did as well as any two year old would do, and I was able to help hold her head for a better cut. She would follow directions and it lasted oh about two seconds. She would be asked to look down, and she did, but then right back up. Hopefully she will do much better next time around, and I pray brothers will NOT be with me!
 Ashlyn sitting up in the chair.
 What is this thing around my neck, not sure if I hate it or LOVE it.
 Ashlyn HATES to have her hair washed out, and the sink freaked her out, she wanted up but did allow Kristi to get her hair wet.
 Getting ready for a trim.
 Ashlyn was just too short so after this picture she actually just stood up and Kristi trimmed the back hair.
 Rayle helped with pictures so I could hold Ashlyn's head still.
 Almost done.
So cute when Ashlyn told her thank you. Thank you KRISTI!!!!

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