Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hair Styles of the Rich and the Famous

Okay well at least hair styles for Ashlyn! One day she might be rich and famous!!! I love all her HAIR!!!! Seriously so glad she has it! It's fun to think up or find new hair styles to try out on her. It is a must to pull her hair back, because when she eats she does not care if her hair falls in her face, and then she has a nice little snack for later right there all in her hair! YUCK!!! This first style I found HERE. For Ashlyn's I did it in three and I guess had I made the sections a little smaller I could have done four. So cute though and EASY!!!
 SMILE! So hard to get a good real smile. She does not hold still for long!
 Back of her hair!
 A close view!

For this next style she wore it to church and I have done the bangs french braided before, but generally I will braid the entire bang area to one side. This time I choose to part it and braid down each side and then I pulled them back into a pony. Her hair needs to be just a tab longer because you could see the hair bands. I seriously LOVED this look on her. 
 I also wish I had braided pulling back so it looked more natural when in the pony. Oh well.
 Parted to the side, then french braided just the bang area.
 Other side view.
 Close up after church while she was eating. She did not want any more pictures! She must be getting ready for the rich and the famous!!! ;)
Love all the styles and braids out there right now. It is seriously too much fun. Now if only Ashlyn had my excitement! She tolerates me doing her hair, but if I could do it EVERYDAY that would be wonderful!

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