Friday, June 29, 2012

Room Make Over

Ashlyn has been climbing her dresser and pretty much destroying her room when it's nap time. It wares on a person when you have to CONSTANTLY clean up after her. So I wanted to find a bed that was a loft style with a dresser in it. I looked at one, but Brian was not keen on it because there weren't really rails on top to make sure Ashlyn would not fall off. So I kept up the search. Last month we found a bed out in BUCKEYE...ugh. So we made an offer and went to get it. However the ad never said ANYTHING about not having directions on how to put said bed together. SERIOUSLY they told us they would e-mail us some, never happened. Also the bed was already unassembled so we could not even see how it went together. All we had was the picture from the original ad. NEVER AGAIN!!! Also there was a LOT of wear and tear more than I had expected once put together. This bed is massive and so we thought let's not put it into Ashlyn's room right away, but lets replace her flooring first! Details in next post about that!

Bedding in the trailer, under the carport, sitting and waiting to get worked on.
These are the two dresser, 8 small drawers. I didn't try them out but had I, I probably would have walked away. :(
 The drawers.
 Doors for the little hide out area behind the bed. 
 This is the desk area. 
 Side panels.
It also came with a trundle twin, the top bunk is a full. There were also stickers all over the wood.

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