Thursday, May 5, 2011


It was all him, and he alone. He did it to me, and no other child can make claim on it. He made me a MOM. On May 5th 2004 he came into this world and blessed me as a mom. Too boot it was a few days before Mother's Day too. Every year I get to remember that around Mother's Day my little Teagan came into the world and brought joy to our lives. Also my bladder will NEVER be the same. Teagan is growing up so fast and I can't believe that today he turned 7 years old. It just reminds me that I am getting older as he is getting older, not really liking this getting older thing. Children need to stay younger longer. Like dog years maybe we can make children years last longer. Instead of turning one year older each year, they should turn half a year older. So every two years would really equal one year. Here is our little guy after the blue and purple is gone and he is finally breathing!

Bath time was so much fun, when there was only one to worry about slipping under the water, and he fit very nicely in the kitchen sink!!
Always creative, and I allowed him to walk out of the house like this. I still let him dress himself for the most part and thankfully he usually matches. :)


Teagan LOVES a good time, and has no fear.

Can't believe he will be done with first grade in a few weeks and then on to college and dating. ACK slow down.

Teagan LOVES playing sports and I am so glad we put him into baseball this year. He has learned LOTS and loves to play the game.Teagan we love you and your sweet personality. You are a great big brother, and a wonderful son. We are so blessed to have you in our family!!