Saturday, March 31, 2012

Too Active

On Thursday Ashlyn fell and hit her head. Not really sure where it happened as no one was in the kitchen with her. I keep gum in the kitchen and she climbs up and helps herself. Many a time I am getting her down from the counter tops. Yes I have FINALLY moved the gum! So I noticed she was just not acting right so we decided to take her to urgent care. While checking in she started to vomit, all over Brian that is. Poor girl! So the doctor wanted a CT Scan because of her behavior and the vomiting. So we drove off to Cardons for a scan. She through up a few more times before the scan. When Brian got back after going home and showering off the vomit and leaving the boys with his sister, Ashlyn pepped up with her daddy back. With the CT Scan I was worried about having to sedate her, and thank goodness they did not. The tech bundled her up real tight and she laid so still with her little eyes going from left to right and all around. It was really cute to see her obeying so well. After we were told she had no bleeding and had a concussion but we could go home and just make sure she took it easy. That is one HUGE challenge! This girl is crazy active busy and she really can't tell me that she is in pain. I have been able to figure out that her head hurts a few times because she has been really cranky. My poor girl I hope she gets better real soon. Her bruise has shifted from her forehead now to her eye. Brian calls it her smokey eye.

Here are some pictures first is at the hospital on Thursday night. Second is on Friday, and last was earlier today.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Coming home

So we had a later flight out of Orlando on Thursday and spent the morning finishing up packing and checking out of our condo. Oh the condo was pretty great. It was a four bedroom with three full bathrooms. It was nice not to be right on top of each other! Also we were able to do most of the laundry so we came home with very few dirty clothes. That was great because the last thing you want to do is come home and do TONS of laundry! <---we had been gone for 9 days! So we left the condo and then did some souvenir shopping and then also visited the Nike store and found each of the kids some new shoes. We got to the airport in plenty of time to have lunch and relax before the dreaded flight. I was praying hard that Ashlyn would be better this time. We got boarded and found seats so that two of us sat in front of the other three family members. This one older gentlemen first sat next to me and then realized our crazy trio and had his teenage daughter switch with him. Smart Man! So Ashlyn did do better, but was still no peach. Brian and I passed her back and forth over the seats to keep her happy. This set up was so much better. She did take a couple hour nap that really helped. As we were landing though she was in fits and would not sit in her seat and buckle up so I just held her, really really tight! One thing that happened on the flight that could have gone real bad was the smart man above mentioned tripped his wife, on accident of course. I asked the girl if her parents had been fighting, she laughed thankfully and knew I was joking. Anyways it was a pretty bad fall like she could not breath maybe a broken rib. Brian and I thought we were going to have to land for medical attention. However we continued to fly onward and made it to Phoenix. They wanted the lady to get off first and seriously some rude people, still only think of themselves, and started to claim the aisle. What's wrong with people!!! Anyways we got out and retrieved our bazillion bags and made it home. The boys picked up something on the flight so the rest of spring break was spent to fevers. But it was also nice not to have to go anywhere and just relax. It's so true that you need a vacation from the vacation, especially if you have small children.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Animal Kingdom

Wednesday we had one more day for parks and decided to go to the Animal Kingdom. I have never been there and really didn't know what it was all about. So we got there all a little on edge because of being out so late the night before. The park was okay, honestly we didn't do very much. I think the kids were just over the park affair. When we first got there both boys were arguing about which area we should go. Rayle was really being a pain so I just wanted to leave, and we almost did. It was an okay day. Right before we did leave the park I saw there was a Lion King show. This seriously was the best part of the day. It was AMAZING!!! We all really enjoyed the show.

Okay smile! Darn sun!!!
Saw this t-shirt and thought it was too funny!
Ashlyn was melting down around this time, nothing was fun for her. :(
This tree was near a ride we were waiting for, and I thought it was BEAUTIFUL!
A little ride that we all enjoyed.
It went up and down and then also dipped forward and backward.
Teagan being silly!
Brian and the boys went and rode on Everest and so Ashlyn and I were walking around looking for fun things.
This tree is amazing, I remember watching a program on how they built it. It was very cool!!!
Zoomed in shot of the tree all the animals that make up the trunk.
At the Lion King show!!!
Some of the performance.
These guys were great, tumbling all around!
They two were dressed like birds and used a wire to have the female fly around.
Another picture of Simba!
Cute statue of Mickey, Pluto, and Goofy.
Love the detail of the little bird house!
Yummy getting some treats before we left!
Love me some Popsicle!

Monday, March 26, 2012

More Magic

Here are some more pictures of the second day we spent at the Magic Kingdom. I know that I loved every minute of it. The kids for the most part did really well. Of course melt downs can be expected. So grateful we were able to go and have so much FUN!!!
UGH that line took F.O.R.E.V.E.R!!! 70 minutes my assets! TWO hours later we finally got on the ride. (Splash Mountain)
The only time Rayle smiled on Splash Mountain. I think he would have gladly gotten off if there had been a chance. Every turn he was freaked out about another drop. Poor kid!
Love this, Where do you wanna go? I don't know where do you wanna go?
How about HERE!!!
Haunted Mansion!!!
Waiting to get in the Haunted Mansion
We got to go through the cemetery the kids LOVED it!!!
There were all kinds of things to touch and look at while we were going through the cemetery for the Haunted Mansion.
HAHAHA seriously I love my daughter!
It's a SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL! The clock chimed and I had never seen that. It was cool to be right there when it turned 4:30.
Waiting so patiently for Dumbo!
Flying high on the Dumbo ride.
Shortly after this we went back to the condo and got some dinner and rested. Then we headed back to the park for some night time FUN!!!
Love the color effects on the the castle for the show.
Rayle playing with his light up toy!
Daddy See?????
Ashlyn can you see???
Show at the castle, it was really great!!!
Ashlyn stuck this on Brian while we were waiting in line for a ride.
Rayle and his expert night time driving!
Trying to get a fun picture on the teacups!
Night time castle picture op
Mommy and Ashlyn
Ashlyn pushing Rayle
The boys watching the firework show
Spooky Rayle

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Disney World- Magic Kingdom

So after the wedding we joined the bride and groom and some other guest and watched them all get smashed pretty much. We stayed up until 4 am that morning (still don't think I have recovered from that!). The next morning I got up at around 8:30 so I could get some breakfast for my still sleeping family. We packed up and checked out around noon. Sunday was a rainy sort of day. We headed out for Orlando. It's like driving from here to Flagstaff so not too far. However it was raining pretty hard and while on the turnpike there was an accident so travel crawled on and it took us around 45 minutes to drive just a few miles. The boys got to pee in buckets because there was no where to pull over. I drove, somehow, I really don't know so tired I was! We got to where were staying around 5ish. We decided to go to the Magic Kingdom on Monday. The kids were so excited! We got up a little later than we wanted, but I really needed that extra sleep. It took over an hour just to get from the parking lot to the actual entrance. Also we had taken our wagon for the park and they didn't allow wagons in the park, glad we found out before we got into the park though. So we had to rent a stroller which sucked! The kids enjoyed the boat ride over and we also rode the monorail on the way home. Ashlyn is still talking about boats, planes, and trains! So cute!!! Rayle had a melt down because after being measured at Space Mountain it was told that he was a QUARTER of an inch too short. SERIOUSLY!!!! However I think he would have peed his pants as he did not like some of the other roller coasters. Teagan loved it and Space Mountain was his favorite ride! Ashlyn loved seeing Mickey and really enjoyed the teacups, It's a Small World, Jungle Cruise, and carousel. Candy and Brian were able to go to the Magic Kingdom on Monday as well. It was really fun to be able to hang out with them there. We also went to Magic Kingdom on Tuesday as well. The boys want to go on Splash Mountain and the wait said 70 minutes. TWO HOURS LATER we finally got on the ride. Rayle HATED it! Teagan sat by himself and did really well. I really loved the park and going two days was great. I honestly would have loved to go another day, but we decided to go to another park on Wednesday. One thing we did do was leave the park around dinner time on Tuesday and then went park until it closed. It made for a late start on Wednesday, but the show was great that night and the kids LOVED the park at night!
Leaving the park that first day.
Right before we left we took the train around the park. It was really nice to just sit and relax before leaving the park!
Ashlyn melting down! Love it!
I think there was a parade going on. But can't really remember now.
Brian and I in front of the castle.
Some people kept walking by and Brian said something really offensive, I am horribly cracking UP about it!
Love this but wish the hook was not right in front of Rayle's face.
Candy and Brian!
Candy and Brian with another shot of the castle.
FINALLY 4th picture snap both eyes open!
3rd try now Minni needs to blink.
Now both closed, COME ON!!! 2nd try.
Trying to take a picture and Mickey blinks! 1st try
On Pirates.
Teagan, Brian, and Candy on Pirates.
There were these little steps, and she KNEW she was not allowed to climb them so she pouted instead.
Candy and Brian waiting in line with us!
Rayle did not like Pirates of the Caribbean either, he thought the figures were real. He would not believe me.
I made some Minni clips for us girls to wear!
This roller coaster was fun, but Rayle and Ashlyn were so FREAKED out.
Love it!
Spinning on the Teacups, Ashlyn was not too sure about the speed!
Teagan is NEVER getting his driver's license he was ALL over the road! I rode with Rayle the next day, and he was much better!
...even though he couldn't see over the wheel!!!
Don't look so happy RAYLE!!!
Ashlyn ready!

Okay these picture were ALL from day 1 at the Magic Kingdom. I will post Day 2 photos later!