Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sky Harbor

I blogged about our flight into FL, seriously so scary, but I had taken some pictures before we took off. It was so fun to see the excitement of flying on the kids faces. Especially Ashlyn and how every time we saw a plane she would say plane, fly! Pretty cute!

Here is Rayle at Sky Harbor!
Teagan did not charge his DS the night before, so we set him up and here he is reading and charging his DS. I seriously love this picture, he looks so grown up!
Rayle and me and UGH so fuzzy I must of moved the camera.
This melts my heart, wish she had been this happy on the plane!
Okay these pictures are from when we had to reroute and land in Austin. Teagan and Rayle did not mind landing!
Ashlyn on the other hand was less than thrilled to have landed or get her picture taken!
She was screaming at me for taking these!
I think she even came at my and tried to hit me. Don't mess with her it's dangerous!

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