Saturday, March 3, 2012

2 1/2

Miss Ashlyn is now two and a half. I honestly can't believe she is that old at times, and then there are other times when I feel she has been in our family F.O.R.E.V.E.R!!! She is spunk and crazy and drives me NUTS. I get very happy when lunch time rolls around because then it's nap time! She is a child that needs constant watching over, unless you want your house destroyed!!! She can also sit and cuddle with her favorite show Caillou or Hi-you is how she says it! Ashlyn is getting bigger everyday as most children do, but compared to my boys I am amazed that she has to wear a larger size in clothing as when they were two they fit into 18 month labels! I also LOVE her hair. I did not have hair until I was a lot older. And I love to be able to style it. She does quite well when I do her hair. I will have her sit and watch a show and I can then spend time on her hair. I was able to do double french braids this week and she only squirmed the tinniest amount! Ashlyn really does test my patience daily, but I do love that spunky little girl of ours!

Weight 30lbs
Height 36 inches

Some of her likes:
Food- she loves her veggies, loves to eat candy and asks for it daily (no she doesn't get it daily), she loves eating cereal, loves milk, loves pasta dishes.
Shows- Caillou is her favorite, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and then princess movies with Tangled leading the way.
Other things- She is a wonderful sleeper, I just put her into bed and give some hugs and kisses and she is off to dreamland. She still takes one nap a day for a few hours as well! She has been in a big bed for a few months and has done GREAT!
She loves to play at the park, and I have noticed she prefers playing with boys over girls. I think it's because she has two brothers at home. She loves to play superhero with our boys and will fly around with capes.
If I am doing my make-up she will ask for pretties too.
One thing she loves to do, but I can't wait until she grows out of is take off her shirt. The boys do this especially Rayle, and if she sees him without his shirt, hers comes off too. UGH!
She loves to see the boys riding their bikes, so we found a used one for her on Craiglist, but she just pushes it along without getting on it. Pretty funny!

Some things Ashlyn hates:
She is not always keen on eating meat at dinner.
She does not like to sit still for long.
She hates to ride in the shopping carts, but it is a must because she is a runner!
She hates the sun in her eyes.

We are working with her speech as she does not speak many words, but a lot of points and ughs. We are trying to learn a few simple signs and it seems to be helping. She is going to be tested for a preschool probably this month, and we will go from there.

She has been posing with her hands behind her back lately, not sure where this came from?
Loves dressing up, but mainly in this Snow White dress.
She is pretty darn cute!
She is so fun and we love her!!!

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