Saturday, March 31, 2012

Too Active

On Thursday Ashlyn fell and hit her head. Not really sure where it happened as no one was in the kitchen with her. I keep gum in the kitchen and she climbs up and helps herself. Many a time I am getting her down from the counter tops. Yes I have FINALLY moved the gum! So I noticed she was just not acting right so we decided to take her to urgent care. While checking in she started to vomit, all over Brian that is. Poor girl! So the doctor wanted a CT Scan because of her behavior and the vomiting. So we drove off to Cardons for a scan. She through up a few more times before the scan. When Brian got back after going home and showering off the vomit and leaving the boys with his sister, Ashlyn pepped up with her daddy back. With the CT Scan I was worried about having to sedate her, and thank goodness they did not. The tech bundled her up real tight and she laid so still with her little eyes going from left to right and all around. It was really cute to see her obeying so well. After we were told she had no bleeding and had a concussion but we could go home and just make sure she took it easy. That is one HUGE challenge! This girl is crazy active busy and she really can't tell me that she is in pain. I have been able to figure out that her head hurts a few times because she has been really cranky. My poor girl I hope she gets better real soon. Her bruise has shifted from her forehead now to her eye. Brian calls it her smokey eye.

Here are some pictures first is at the hospital on Thursday night. Second is on Friday, and last was earlier today.

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