Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rehearsal and Dinner

The rehearsal for my sisters wedding was on Friday. It was a little crazy because we had our nails done at 2pm and the shop was running behind so Candy was a little freaked when we should have been back to the hotel. At the venue there was another wedding happening so we had to practice in another room. The director had us run through only once so that was a tad weird. The boys did really well, and Ashlyn did pretty well too, but lost interest and was running around. Candy had one of Brian's nieces also be a flower girl and she was not at all interested in doing anything with Ashlyn. She was crying and saying there was no way she was going to walk with our Ashlyn. After the rehearsal we went to a fun restaurant that was right off the ocean (Old Key Lime House). There was a band and it was really loud, but an all around great time. This was the first time we met Brian's family (yes my sister married a guy named Brian too!) it was a little weird because we kind of kept amongst our own families. The food was pretty good and our boys LOVED the chicken wings! The weather was wonderful, oh one thing there was no parking, we had to park off this side street and walk. That is totally fine but my stepdad needs a hip replaced so does not walk to well. I felt sorry for him, but he is one of those guys that tuffs it out and will not except any help. All in all the night was very enjoyable!
Rayle looking all handsome!
Ashlyn running at Brian!
Katie, Coleen, and Eric
Ashlyn eating some dessert at the dinner. I think I got a few more pics on my phone, but this is the only one uploaded to the computer.
Ashlyn checking herself out. Too funny!
We found this bow tie at Target and Rayle had to wear it. Everyone at the restaurant thought he was the cutest thing, I would have to agree!
Ashlyn being silly again!
Practice makes perfect!
Our brother Chad walking Candy down the aisle.
Jackie and I
Getting started on the rehearsal.

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