Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Animal Kingdom

Wednesday we had one more day for parks and decided to go to the Animal Kingdom. I have never been there and really didn't know what it was all about. So we got there all a little on edge because of being out so late the night before. The park was okay, honestly we didn't do very much. I think the kids were just over the park affair. When we first got there both boys were arguing about which area we should go. Rayle was really being a pain so I just wanted to leave, and we almost did. It was an okay day. Right before we did leave the park I saw there was a Lion King show. This seriously was the best part of the day. It was AMAZING!!! We all really enjoyed the show.

Okay smile! Darn sun!!!
Saw this t-shirt and thought it was too funny!
Ashlyn was melting down around this time, nothing was fun for her. :(
This tree was near a ride we were waiting for, and I thought it was BEAUTIFUL!
A little ride that we all enjoyed.
It went up and down and then also dipped forward and backward.
Teagan being silly!
Brian and the boys went and rode on Everest and so Ashlyn and I were walking around looking for fun things.
This tree is amazing, I remember watching a program on how they built it. It was very cool!!!
Zoomed in shot of the tree all the animals that make up the trunk.
At the Lion King show!!!
Some of the performance.
These guys were great, tumbling all around!
They two were dressed like birds and used a wire to have the female fly around.
Another picture of Simba!
Cute statue of Mickey, Pluto, and Goofy.
Love the detail of the little bird house!
Yummy getting some treats before we left!
Love me some Popsicle!

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