Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding Bells

Candyce and Brian Johnson were married on March 10th! We didn't take too many pictures as we were busy with the kids and getting ready. The photographer gave my sister the rights to the pictures so I need to upload a few wonderful choices when I get some time. We got ready starting the morning of the 10th. There was a dress mishap like my sister's new sister-in-law the entire zipper broke. That was a tense moment or two. Thankfully I had some ribbon left from the sash of the wedding dress and that was wrapped around Coleen and you had to look hard to notice. My kids did great for the wedding! Ashlyn just walked with determination up that aisle! The boys were amazing the entire time through pictures, wedding, and reception. My sister had a teen watch the kids for us and Ashlyn was less than thrilled. She was screaming and so upset she didn't even realize I was in the room calling her name. I finally got her settled down with a movie. Later in the evening we had them come into the reception and dance with us, they LOVED it!
Sexy Little Bride
Cheers to Candy!
Me, Candy, and our mom
Me after my makeup was done, I didn't get one with my hair done though :(
Candyce hair done and waiting for makeup.
Back view, so lovely!
Reception time!
This is Brian's brother Kevin, best man, and me maid of honor
Ashlyn all over the place during the ceremony but all is good. Notice the boys they stood like that the entire time, both holding onto the pillow!

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