Friday, March 23, 2012

Harry Potter....what?

Yep I am about to blog about some books! At Christmas time we found all the movies at Costco for a great deal and bought them for Teagan as a present. Now we have NEVER seen any of the movies, or read ANY of the books. I just never got into that boom way back when. So I knew that we should try and read the books first (as they are ALWAYS better than the movie) and then watch it on the big screen. It so happened that Brian's sister had the series, perfect! So back in, I think January some time, we started the first book. Teagan is very much interested in the books, but Rayle could honestly care less, he just wants to watch the movies. However, the rule is we read the entire book, and then watch the movie that goes along with that year. Seriously we have a bunch of DVDs not open yet! As I was reading I got lost in the story, and I had to forge onward. I picked up Year 7 up on Wednesday this week and I was up until 3 am this morning finishing it up. I didn't read at all except once with the boys while in FL so I to make up a lot while gone all those days. I read probably that last three books since we got home. Now I am very anxious to see the movies, but I will wait until we, together, have read all of the books with the boys. We are just over 100 pages to finishing up Year 2. We try and read at least 20 minutes a day during the week. Hopefully by the end of the year our goal will be done, and then next will be the Percy Jackson series!!! Loved that movie so I know we will LOVE the books! (side note Teagan would love the books for his upcoming birthday, but you didn't hear it from me, because then we won't have to buy it!)

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