Monday, March 26, 2012

More Magic

Here are some more pictures of the second day we spent at the Magic Kingdom. I know that I loved every minute of it. The kids for the most part did really well. Of course melt downs can be expected. So grateful we were able to go and have so much FUN!!!
UGH that line took F.O.R.E.V.E.R!!! 70 minutes my assets! TWO hours later we finally got on the ride. (Splash Mountain)
The only time Rayle smiled on Splash Mountain. I think he would have gladly gotten off if there had been a chance. Every turn he was freaked out about another drop. Poor kid!
Love this, Where do you wanna go? I don't know where do you wanna go?
How about HERE!!!
Haunted Mansion!!!
Waiting to get in the Haunted Mansion
We got to go through the cemetery the kids LOVED it!!!
There were all kinds of things to touch and look at while we were going through the cemetery for the Haunted Mansion.
HAHAHA seriously I love my daughter!
It's a SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL! The clock chimed and I had never seen that. It was cool to be right there when it turned 4:30.
Waiting so patiently for Dumbo!
Flying high on the Dumbo ride.
Shortly after this we went back to the condo and got some dinner and rested. Then we headed back to the park for some night time FUN!!!
Love the color effects on the the castle for the show.
Rayle playing with his light up toy!
Daddy See?????
Ashlyn can you see???
Show at the castle, it was really great!!!
Ashlyn stuck this on Brian while we were waiting in line for a ride.
Rayle and his expert night time driving!
Trying to get a fun picture on the teacups!
Night time castle picture op
Mommy and Ashlyn
Ashlyn pushing Rayle
The boys watching the firework show
Spooky Rayle

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