Friday, March 16, 2012

Beachy Beach

AWWWW the beach was wonderful! The weather was a little not in our favor, but there was a break in the rain so we went for it. Surprisingly the water was great. It was windy too, but we didn't mind, the kids LOVED it! Okay Ashlyn was not too sure of the waves, but Teagan and Rayle loved the waves and the sand. It was so much fun! We were able to go to the beach two different days, but because of other things that needed to get done, we only stayed there an hour each time. Hopefully when we go to CA we can spend more time at the beach there.

Here is Ashlyn checking out the water.
Ashlyn then got knocked down by a wave and she became scared of going into the water without either Brian or I.
Our Family at the beach!
Teagan and Rayle LOVING the ocean!
Rayle was in the water having a blast the entire time!
Seriously is that not the cutest little footprint??? I should have stepped next to it and snapped another picture but thought I would mess up the shot.
I didn't take any pictures the second time we went, we saw some really cool kites. They were shaped like snorkelers swimming in the wind and tiny sharks following them, pretty cool! Also there were a bunch of jelly fish that had washed up. There were called man of wars and blue. Ashlyn went up and touched the tops, I was totally thinking Finding Nemo the tops don't sting you. Then Rayle goes and picks the dang thing up. Thankfully it didn't swing it's tentacles and sting him!!!

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