Thursday, March 29, 2012

Coming home

So we had a later flight out of Orlando on Thursday and spent the morning finishing up packing and checking out of our condo. Oh the condo was pretty great. It was a four bedroom with three full bathrooms. It was nice not to be right on top of each other! Also we were able to do most of the laundry so we came home with very few dirty clothes. That was great because the last thing you want to do is come home and do TONS of laundry! <---we had been gone for 9 days! So we left the condo and then did some souvenir shopping and then also visited the Nike store and found each of the kids some new shoes. We got to the airport in plenty of time to have lunch and relax before the dreaded flight. I was praying hard that Ashlyn would be better this time. We got boarded and found seats so that two of us sat in front of the other three family members. This one older gentlemen first sat next to me and then realized our crazy trio and had his teenage daughter switch with him. Smart Man! So Ashlyn did do better, but was still no peach. Brian and I passed her back and forth over the seats to keep her happy. This set up was so much better. She did take a couple hour nap that really helped. As we were landing though she was in fits and would not sit in her seat and buckle up so I just held her, really really tight! One thing that happened on the flight that could have gone real bad was the smart man above mentioned tripped his wife, on accident of course. I asked the girl if her parents had been fighting, she laughed thankfully and knew I was joking. Anyways it was a pretty bad fall like she could not breath maybe a broken rib. Brian and I thought we were going to have to land for medical attention. However we continued to fly onward and made it to Phoenix. They wanted the lady to get off first and seriously some rude people, still only think of themselves, and started to claim the aisle. What's wrong with people!!! Anyways we got out and retrieved our bazillion bags and made it home. The boys picked up something on the flight so the rest of spring break was spent to fevers. But it was also nice not to have to go anywhere and just relax. It's so true that you need a vacation from the vacation, especially if you have small children.

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