Wednesday, February 29, 2012

8 years ago today

Do you ever think of the what if's? I do. Today is Leap Day and eight years ago while sitting in Sacrament at church I noticed something pretty weird going on. My stomach kept getting really hard with a slight pain about every ten minutes. I mentioned it to Brian and we decided to just go home and drop me off to lay down and he would return to church. However on the way out of the chapel, a lady stopped me to ask me how I was doing. It had been just two weeks since my dad had died and she was worried about me and my emotional state. I told her about the pain and said I was going to go home and rest. I can't remember exactly since this was 8 years ago, but she probably even touched my belly to assess the situation. She then told me that I should go to the hospital now and that I was having regular contractions. I remember being in complete shock, the baby was not due until May 7th. I was on anti-depressants to stop this from happening. So I honestly don't remember if we grabbed anything from home. I had not packed a bag for the hospital yet. So off we go and I am put into to triage. The nurse checked me and I was dilated to 3 cm. The first dose of medicine I got was tributaline. I know it was more than one does (as I hate getting shots!!!) and it was not doing the trick. I remember being really excited about the labor, but then at the same time in horror because I knew the baby would be so small and not really ready to be born yet. They finally decided that the trib was not going to work and I was given magnesium sulfate. OMGoodness I would not wish this on my worst enemy. I received it late on Sunday evening and my color was normal, less than twelve hours later I looked gray and ghostly. It was AWEFUL. I had been moved to another room for recovery and I stayed there until Wednesday. I know our home teachers came and administer a blessing for me. It was not a fun few days. What I am most grateful is that Teagan stayed put for another nine weeks, and even then being full term he was 6lbs 6 oz. He also had some issues breathing from the get go as well. I am so glad today is not his birthday and that he came a little later then that first scare. I was on bed rest until I was 36 weeks along. Anyone who has ever been on bed rest knows it's horrible to just lie around all day. I did make a few more return trips before May 5th, but thankfully the trib worked and I didn't have another battle with the magnesium sulfate. I know that the power of the blessing along with the help of meds, I was able to keep our precious little bundle in my tummy for a few more weeks, until he was ready to come into the world.

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