Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All About the Assets

It's all about the assets!!! And by that I mean, my um well you know bum! :) A few weeks ago I was invited to a boutique from my friend from church and I came across some jeans that I sore I would NEVER wear, and found love. There are decked in bling and I loved em! However, I am a little person, okay not really but close! I bet I am just over five feet tall, and I never find jeans or any pants for that matter that fit me. I am constantly walking on the bottoms and they rip and tear at the hem because of this. Then I cut off the remaining ends and have a sheered pant bottom. Really attractive! So these new pants I wanted to have altered, I mean I spent $50 (OUCH!) so I got a number of a gal who would do it for $12. Pretty reasonable I thought so I gave her a call and there was no answer, so I left a message. The lady never called me back, don't you HATE that!!! So while on pinterest I found a pin where you can hem your own pants and keep the original seam. I was all over that, and today I was FINALLY brave enough to try it out on my new pants. Why didn't I practice on another pair first? Because all the other thread was that famous denim orangy/yellowish (<--yes both words in the sewing world) color. My thread in my new pants was a blueish white and since I had white and the new stitch would not show I went for it on my new pair of pants. I am pretty pleased with the results.

Here are the before pictures, courteous of Teagan.
Back look.
The bottom, LOT'S of extra fabric.
Front view of the pants, bet you couldn't tell huh?
After I hemmed the jeans. Still lots of fabric, but so much better!!!
Full view.
Thanks Teagan for helping me with the photos. Glad I was able to hem these jeans up!

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Anthon and Ashleigh Perkins said...

They look great Corie!! Your "assets" look pretty great too ;) Nice work!