Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine Fashions

On Sunday while at church I noticed a little girl with a little sack dress on that was Valentine print. I thought to myself, self you have some cute print, why not make one up for Ashlyn! So I searched and found a tutorial on how to make up the dress. It was pretty easy and I loved how the dress turned out! Go here for the dress. After I was done, I realized why heck my boys need to look extra sweet for their Valentine's so I wanted to make ties for them with the fabric print too. I knew that one of my fav blogs had done a post about them. I did some searching and found a easy pessy bow tie tutorial. Now Rayle has been wanting a bow tie for awhile, and so it's was prefect. I was going to make just one for Rayle, and attempt a normal tie for Teagan, but when they got home from school Teagan decided he wanted one too. Okay that's cool, and DANG I can't wait for Sunday for them to wear their get-ups. I am pretty pleased with myself! This week I have done Ashlyn's sweatshirt, and now the dress and ties. AND IT'S ONLY TUESDAY!!!!! What more lays ahead of me???? Not sure if the boys will wear their ties to school, but if they want to, I will let them on the 14th!
Ashlyn's dress.
I got this ribbon today before I had just white but I wanted it to POP a little!
Tying a bow tie is HARD!!!!! I watched like 5 different You-tube videos on how to do it.
Here is the bow tie not tied.

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Tara said...

EEKK!! Corie, these are sooo cute!
:) Crafty-mcgee over here.
Awesome job, girl.