Monday, February 6, 2012


Ashlyn is not really interested in potty training, and I really have not pushed the issue. On Saturday I was at CVS getting some diapers for her and I saw that the Huggies Pull-ups were 75% off!!! The price was $4.82, but I knew I had coupons at home. Today I went back and bought three packs. I had three $2 coupons and one $2 CVS coupon for Huggies. So I spent out of pocket $7.77, I saved $80.36 today!!! Also I use a green tag on my reusable shopping bags, it cost me $0.99 and every fourth use I get $1 extra care buck. I am on 122 green bag uses so I have gotten back $30 in extra care bucks!!! Totally worth that dollar investment! And now to wait for Ashlyn to want to potty train, I am ready with my pull-ups!

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