Friday, February 24, 2012


Have them ALL the time. I <3 pinterest and it's one for my distractions this week. However, Brian did say if I keep making awesome meals like I did on Tuesday and Wednesday night, I can be on pinterest ALL day!!! So I am wanting to finish some things and thought I would write them down so I am obligated to FINISH!!!

1. Candy's sash- Hello the wedding is in a few weeks. I feel the pressure as this is what she is wearing with her wedding dress, I hope I can rise to the challenge!!! I have started but in a funk so lets get moving!!!
2. I need to get some items off to my cousin who has had a little girl. UGH she is already a few months old!!!! Time S...L...O...W down!!! I need to make a head band with some flowers!
3. I want to make a Minni Mouse headband for Ashlyn for when we go to FL.
4. I need to hem my new jeans, but first I need to practice on some other jeans so I get comfortable on hemming. I don't want to mess up on a $50 pair of jeans!
5. Laundry...ugh that's any everyday fight that I am LOSING!
6. why did I ever go back to school, hating this task every single flippen day.
7. Find a special picture of dad for Candy. She wants one to add to her bouquet.
8. I am sure I am forgetting something else...seriously it's like my brain has gone MUSH lately, I can't remember anything!

***Here is to hoping I finish a few items on this list today.***

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