Friday, June 22, 2012


Mister Rayle had a birthday SHOUT hurray! I can't believe my little guy is six years old, but oh how he wishes he was a little older. Can we say JEALOUSY between him and Teagan. He wants to be 8 like crazy! He wants to be baptized and going to scouts. Next week we have our first pack meeting since Teagan joined scouts and I am afraid at how that will go. Hopefully Rayle can behave himself! Rayle is a wonderful kid! I love his intrinsic style. That kid will dress for the nines. He loves the ladies this one. Last year in preschool a few girls were after our blonde blue eyed little gentlemen. WATCH OUT! This last year at school a little girl caught his eye and man it is so cute the way he talks or acted around her. If they are in the same class next year we may have to watch him even closer! Rayle still loves superheros and dressing up like those crime fighters. He also recently became a little Harry Potter fan, but perfers the movies over the books that I am making us read! Rayle can have a temper, but then also be the sweetest kindest thing there is. He and Ashlyn generally get along. Teagan and Rayle clash a lot but with them only being two years apart and sharing a room, that's bound to happen. Rayle is a wonderful eater for the most part, and will try anything if there is no pepper on it. He does not like black pepper and looks closely for any of it in all meals I make. Stinks because pepper is such a wonderful spice! Yesterday at Rayle's well check he measured in at 43 inches and 36 pounds. He had jumped in percentile just a tab with height being at 22% and weight around 10%. Small but gaining. I am surprised he has not passed Teagan yet. Rayle has yet to lose a tooth and he swears there are some wiggly teeth, but nothing coming out yet. Rayle did wonderful in his first year of school. I constantly got reports home of a wonderful well behaved student. Glad is such a wonderful boy at school. He also did well making Honor Roll all four quarters at school and had straight A's!!! So proud of that kid! This last year he also learned how to tie his shoes, but still prefers to slip on his other pair of Nike's. He also loves the beach I think the most out of all the kids. He couldn't get enough in FL, and since it was FREEZING in CA he still got in but not as much. I hope in the fall we can focus him into some after school activities that can be all his own, and his behavior will improve here. Love him so much and so grateful he is a part of our family!

 Little Rayle love his blues, not the icky eye though.
Daddy and Rayle on a camping trip.
Chocolate, what chocolate? 
 Love his brightness!!!
 I am on top of the world!
Makes an awesome villain! But a better hero! 
That kid is a rocket on his bike. He goes so fast I don't know how he stays on it. 
 Going to sleep with a last imagine of a cute little girl! Oh no too young for puppy love!!!
 My little love bug!
The bow-tie is ALL him!!!

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