Monday, July 2, 2012

Scouts~ Pack Meeting

Last week Teagan was able to attend his very first Pack Meeting for Cub Scouts. The entire family had planned on going, but Brian had to work. I was going to take Rayle along and leave Ashlyn at home with Brian as I would have been back before he had to leave for work. However, Ashlyn decided to take a bowl of oil I had and dump it everywhere. I decided my patience was no longer existent and left Rayle home with dad too. I have to say Teagan looked smashing in his Scout shirt! So excited for him and this new adventure! He also got his first belt loop for swimming. Even though he doesn't swim he tried his best. So excited for him! They also had a create-a-thon and made up different games out of recyclables. It was fun to watch!

 Teagan being presented with his award. 

 It was cute they had the award attached to a flag. 
 Teagan with his new swimming belt loop!

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