Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy USA Shirts

Every year, I ALWAYS get something patriotic or red, white, and blue for us to wear. This year, I thought it would be fun for the kids to create their own shirts. I found a fun way for them to do so on OF COURSE pinterest! HERE It is pretty simple, good quality crayons, a white t-shirt, and some fine sandpaper. I had the crayons and tees so to the Dollar Tree I went for the sandpaper. So project USA tees was a whole DOLLAR! Very fun indeed. I wanted to make Brian and I some as well but we didn't have any plain white tees. Maybe next year!

So the plan had been for the kids to create, but we did run out of time so Teagan was really the only one that "created" his own shirt. I helped by drawing up first what he needed to color. Don't forget that what you draw and color will be opposite. I had to remake Rayles because I did it wrong, forgot to make the letters backwards Ashlyn's was wrong too, but I didn't feel like fixing it so I left it messed up. 
 Teagan working hard.
 Make sure to really press down hard with the colors so they show up once you iron it on to the shirt.
 Place some kind of cardboard between the shirt layer so the colors don't bleed. Then also a piece of paper towel between the sandpaper, and the iron. Iron away and transfer your design.
 Here is Teagan's t-shirt.
 Here is Ashlyn's, the blue and stars should be on the other side. Oh well!!!
 Here is Rayle's Superman USA inspired tee.
 Looks great!!!
 Little face paint adds a nice touch!
 Rayle rocken his tee.

 Teagan in his tee.

 My three patriotic kiddos in their homemade USA tees!!!

Set the design in the dryer, then wash separately so colors don't bleed. Should be good after that. So many gift and fun options for this idea! Have fun creating!!!

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