Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rayle's Super Hero Blast

Rayle turned 6 in the month of June and unfortunately, we all got sick around the weekend we were to have the party. So I postponed it a few weekends and got prepared for some super hero action. I found a ton of fun things on pinterest to help make it perfect. 
 This is a comic book pennant banner. So glad I had some old comic books laying around. Found Here.
 Here is the banner up.
 Another view.
 I made a up my small three tier cakes, thanks Ashlyn for helping yourself to some of it.
 Top tier, I went with a Batman theme.
 Middle tier, I choose a Spiderman theme.
 Bottom tier was Superman, but since it was on the bottom you can't see a whole lot.
 I used some sixlets to help with decorating.
 The cake all decorated. I used cream cheese frosting, OH SO GOOD!!! Found Here.
 The table all set. Love the color combinations. You just can't go wrong with the primary colors!
 The fruit was SO GOOD!!!
 Another two ideas from pinterest! Mason jars with cupcake wrappers and then straws. Also a drink that inspires Super Hero Action!!! Mason Jar Idea Found Here. Drink Idea Found Here.

 Cinnamon and Sugar Pretzels. These pretzels were so yummy. I loved them!!! Found Here.
Here are the goodie bags. Also one of the items in the goodie bag was a Super Hero thumb war topper. It was so cute! Also found them on pinterest. Here is the link.
One more look of the table.

Is it obvious how much I love pinterest????? Such a great site for ideas and inspiration!!!

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Jessica/Patrick said...

Seriously, what did we do before Pinterest was around?!?!?!