Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Helmets Needed

OH My what a night! Yesterday around dinner time we had a little incident. Rayle decided he didn't feel well and so I told him to lay down and go to bed. AKA go downstairs and start playing video games again. DUH of course lay down and go to bed is the kid translation of go play video games, everyone knows that!!! So we asked Teagan to go get Rayle so that we could discipline him for not listening and making a wrong choice. Rayle has a TEMPER!!! He did not appreciate that he had to come up stairs and stop playing. Rayle started "brotherly bonding" with Teagan, and they came into the living room  where the rest of us were. Not sure exactly but Rayle ended up pulling Teagan off the couch by the legs, and Teagan lost balance and hit his head on the tile floor. Oh dear it was about a two foot drop. We got some ice on his head, and worried about a possible concussion. Rayle went to his room and is not allowed to breath, I mean play video games for the rest of the century. Brian is working nights and of course after he left for work was when the concussion symptoms presented themselves, this was about two hours later. Thankfully Teagan is older and knew he had to throw up, and was not feeling 100%, Ashlyn could not communicate that to us with her concussion earlier this year. I had already put Ashlyn to bed, and I rounded up the kids, got a hold of Brian and set out for the ER. Thankfully a good friend texted me and said she would take Rayle and Ashlyn, but when I got there Ashlyn was in no way wanting to leave me. So I left Rayle and took Ashlyn with me and Teagan. Brian made it to the hospital just before we did. We got them in and checked Teagan in. The doctors asked him some questions and that was weird because you could really tell he was not 100% himself when answering. The C-T scan showed a level one concussion. Thankfully he is not in school, and I can keep him calm. He is not to do any rough housing or sports for two weeks. If he were in school then he would also not be able to do any kind of testing. School starts in a few weeks and he should be fine before then. He seems good this morning, but I am keeping a close eye on him. No more swimming though for the next couple of weeks. Bummer because they all were finally starting to pick it up.

P.S. when we got home I was getting Ashlyn out of the car and she shut the door. My driver door was still open as I needed to get some items out. And BAM she ran right into the door with her head. YES helmets are being ordered for all three. I am also keeping my eyes on her!

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