Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Didn't even blink an eye

They both we so ready for school this morning. Teagan was like why are we parking just drop me off. I was like no we want to walk you to your room. So I was able to get a few snaps and then he spotted a friend and off he went. I did make him come back and give me a kiss. I know he will have a great first day. Because there is a bit of time between when we take Teagan to school and when Rayle's preschool starts we never know what to do. It is dumb to go back home for about 15 minutes and then load up again. When it is not hot we go to a park near preschool, but hello it was in the 90's this morning. No thank you to being outside. So we made a stop at HomeDepot. Rayle was so excited about being at school too. We still got there way early, but that's okay.
Picture before we left the house. I wanted Ashlyn in here too but she was being emotional because she had bed hair and didn't want anyone to see. J/K:)
Teagan outside his First Grade classroom.
Rayle getting ready for Preschool.
The house is so quiet right now, I love it!

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