Tuesday, September 7, 2010

If you know me you know I LOVE FREE!!!!!!

I LOVE getting things for free at the grocery store, but you want to know the ultimate FREE thing that I have gotten? Four tickets to a Diamondbacks game on September 1, 2010, in the POOL!! That's right Brian, the boys, and I got to go to a game and our tickets were for the pool. It was so MUCH FUN!! We each got a towel (which we had no idea we would get), also they feed us! Bonus as we were expecting to buy dinner. We spent $8 for parking and the gas to get there. So much fun!!! The boys loved the pool and were in it the entire game except for eating. How did we go for free? I signed up for D-back rewards through Fry's. Each item has a point value so I bought groceries that we used and I was able to add up a 1000 points for the tickets. So it was like a bonus for buying food and such.
So a TV crew came into the pool and did some filming. Teagan monopolized the camera. There were other kids in the pool but he got right in front of the camera and hammed it up. I guess he was on TV (like everyone else saw!) Mark Grace, I heard had made comments about the kid with the goggles and to stop showing him. HAHAHA That's my boy. We need to find a link of Teagan on TV. I think that is pretty cool. A friend and one of Brian's managers asked about it as I guess Brian and Rayle were on TV too. So FUNNY!! I got this picture of Teagan on a TV screen as he was being filmed.
The boys after the game! We won 5-2 with a GRAND SLAM to win the game.
Brian and Teagan in the pool.
Rayle really did have a good time. Not sure why he is not smiling.
Swimming away in the cool D-backs pool.

I had also done the same kind of thing with the Suns VIP Rewards. Brian and I were able to go to a basketball game. I also got 3 metal lunch boxes and a kids pack. I recently got the kids pack as it was on back order. It included two small Steve Nash jerseys, two children's hats, two backpacks, and two wristband and sweatband sets. How awesome is that?! The jerseys alone were $55 a pop. Again I just bought food that was linked to VIP points and I was able to get this for the boys. Since our boys are small the jerseys are HUGE and they can wear them for awhile.

Rayle showing off the loot!

Fry's I LOVE you and all your great extras that we can take advantage of!!!

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Allison @ Allie Browns Layouts said...

How super freakin' awesome!!

And your boys were on the TV! That sweetens the deal!