Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day

We had a great Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving because it is more laid back than Christmas. You know Santa leaves things to be wrapped and put together. So we had our dinner at my step mom Gail's in Gilbert. We had a full house. Grandma and Grandpa Warren came up from Oracle, Grant and Whitney came up from Tucson, Brian's mom Tina and Jim joined us too. We drove over with my Grandma Hummer and my sister Candy. Chad and Jen we missed you. They went to Ajo. So we all had fun. Rayle took each of us about 5o times to see the bear and to give it a pet. The bear is a black bear rug named Gretta and has been around for a few decades. My dad shot her I think in 89 and if you ever get the chance to eat bear meat it is sooooooo GOOD! Anyways Rayle loves to go see it and the first time he gets scared but he has to go back to take a peek and then finally touch it. It is funny and he roped us all in to going with him down the hall. Now we had all the same traditions, but one that we have had is most likely not at other tables. This would be Roots pie. I am sure that is not the real name but that is what we have called it. (I do not eat pie, but I have heard it is very good) It is a pumpkin pie with chocolate pudding on top. Brian loves this about my family, and I have never even tried it! Anyways we had fun and we are doing it all over tomorrow with Brian's dad side of the family, and oh I am making a pie to bring. It is the only kind I like except ice cream. It is Hershey Bar Pie and so GOOD. I just finished making it and had some nibbles, it was eatable! Hopefully it will make it to the party;-)

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