Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We been up to a lot!

So I have been waiting to upload photos so that I could write about what has been going on. We have done lots so far and it is so nice to be near everything that you could need. At the beginning of November we went to the Phoenix Zoo with Diana, Spencer, Scott, and Any. It was so fun and the boys love going. My grandma has a membership with me on it so it was the cost of gas and I splurged on food there. We plan on going again soon. Here are some fun pics from the day.

My little monkey climbed into the exhibit. I guess he wanted to be a part of the zoo everyday. My two little joeys!
On November 11th we went to the Mesa Veterans Parade. The boys had so much fun. We even had to leave early since it was so long and we were getting hungry. The Coolidge parades last oh about 5 minutes so it was fun to go to this one.

The boys play outside almost everyday, it is so nice right now. Teagan rides his scooter and Rayle is crazy on his push toy.

Rayle is so fun. Here is a video of him singing. I hope you can hear it.


Theresa C said...

Rayle's singing was so cute! Jaren was standing next to me while I watched the video, and he said "Hey! Teagan's brother is singing the CARS song!" He is now singing that song nonstop :)

I'm sure it's SO nice to be near stuff besides cotton fields. One day I hope I get to know what that's like again!

Amber said...

Glad you guys are enjoying your new house! Rayle is so cute my kids love that song to!

Alex and Melissa said...

It is so good to see pictures of you all. This blogging thing is a great tool to stay updated. I can't get over Rayle, Jacob is just starting to speak in sentences. I know every kid is different but still. The boys are so cute with their matching hats on. Kaitlyn said they could be twins.
I bet it like another world being close to everything in town. Keep in touch.