Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chick-fil-a Cow Appreciation Day

One of our fav days of summer! The day we don our cow wears and get free food! I am all about free and when it comes to something tasty to boot I'm there! This year I planned somewhat ahead, like the day before haha! We tried to find some white shirts at Goodwill to repurpose but came up empty. So off to Hobby Lobby we went. I knew Ashlyn owned a white shirt and as did I. Do I bought two white tees for the boys. Then I bought some black felt, double stick tape, and some white foam visors. When we got home I cut out some spots to tape onto our shirts. I was worried that this idea would not work or last, but thankfully the tape held up fabulously! For the visors I hot glued on the spots and used some white felt to add ears. I think for next year I want to add a tough of hair to each visor and for me and Ashlyn's include a little bow! That night I painted my nails white with black cow spots. They looked pretty darn good! On the actual day of cowness (7-11-14) I had an OB appointment. We opted to not wear our cow garb and changed after my appointment. I also attempted to paint Ashlyn's nails but she can't sit still long so hers weren't as cute as mine. Once we arrived at Chick-fil-a the kids ditched their regular shirt for the cow ones. I had made sure to wear a shirt under my regular one so when I changed the world did not scream out in horror! I brought some pink face paint and a black eye liner to add some pink noses and lashes for just Ashlyn and I. The kids all looked great! For the most part it was easy and fun. It was busy but we found a table. The only issue was there was a balloon guy there and we found out right before he was leaving so Ashlyn had a meltdown and called me horrid things. What a turd! I can't control stuff like that! So we tried to take a picture with the cow but she wanted no part! Anyways already looking forward until next year! 
Our shirts and visors 
She insisted on trying it on. She didn't want to take it off either. 
My nails or at least my left hand. My right hand looked just as fab!
Ashlyn selfie!
My little calves! Rayle did not want the pink nose but he finally agreed!
I am holding back my ear because you could not see Teagan. LOL we enjoyed our lunch!
The boys before we left. Ashlyn is screaming at me while I take the pic. 
Ashlyn took this since she refused to be a part of the group. 

Thanks again Chick-fil-a for such a fun event. I love that they offer these things and more! The location we generally go to has family nights. Last week they had a critter camp out with snakes and spiders. I spaced it though. Love a fun place to take the kids and enjoy the time we have there. 

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