Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Temple Open House pics

Back in February we were able to go to the Gilbert Temple twice. Once I took the kids and second we met up with a old friend and went with her and her mom and daughter. Both times were so peaceful and my kids really enjoyed the special event. They felt the spirit and behaved quite well both times. 
This was the first time we went. Notice the dog I asked some little girl to leave in the truck! Of course I got to carry it along with a sleeping baby. I had the little boy I watch and he fell asleep. Dead weight the entire time that was fun! 
Temple it's so big and beautiful!
All of us. Rayle is hiding behind me. He was being a turd for pictures!
See a turd!
Ashlyn and Jules. They had fun together!
My friend MaryKay and I. We have known each other since third grade. Long time!

It was so fun we were able to do this. We are annixious for the Phoenix Temple to be finished soon and attend that open house. Hopefully Brian will be able to go with us!!!

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