Tuesday, July 8, 2014

20 weeks means ultra sound time

With making it to the half point mark it means getting a routine ultra sound. We were excited to find out the gender and see who is coming to join our family. My mom came over to watch the kids and we headed to the office. Candy was able to meet up with us and see her first ultra sound. Glad I could give her that opportunity. The tech asked if we wanted to know gender and since we did that was the first thing she checked. I was not at all surprised that baby is another boy. I had a feeling. I think everyone else was a little sad because they wanted another sister. The kids however are now excited and can't wait until little ... is here! 

Love this. He is yawning!!! 

So to let the kids know what the gender was we did a reveal. It was fun and I think they enjoyed it! 

Right now we have just shy of 15 weeks until our little guy is born! I am sure it will flash by once school starts up again! 

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