Friday, July 25, 2014

4th of July

This year we had a low key 4th of July. Brian works nights so he sleeps during the day and I honestly had zero energy to do anything alone. Brian had to work that night so he opted not to go with us. We really missed him! So our plan for the evening was to go to AJ High School like we have done the last few years. I decided to take some yummy snacks along for us. I popped some popcorn and bought some candy like skittles, gummy bears and worms and added it to the popcorn. It was a perfect snack to take along! I also had some fresh blueberries (frozen of course!!!) and strawberries! The school gives away free watermelon as well. I also allowed the kids to get a huge snow cone to share. They had lots of fun running around! I bought a bunch of glow sticks as well they may have had more fun with those! The show was great! A good thirty minutes worth! After they asked the kids for help cleaning up trash. Teagan jumped at the chance. Made me really proud! All in all we had fun. Maybe next year we will attempt at something during the day. I wanted to go to ButcherJones and play at the lake. So maybe next year will be the time we go. 
This is not the 4th but she's so cute!
Enjoying the watermelon. 
I bought this outfit for my new boutique. I was able to sell a few and have some ready for next year! She was too cute in it!
She's playing with her glow in the dark stuff
Rayle put all his together to make a jump rope!
Me and my crew of cuties!

The Sunday prior to the holiday I had the kids dress up. 
Brian joined in just for the picture. 
Ashlyn and her daddy! Aw
The kiddies!
Ashlyn's hair! 

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