Saturday, July 12, 2014

February Florida

Well I never blogged about flying to Florida this year. I was able to fly into Florida and be with my sister when she needed me. I am grateful that Brian was so willing to stay home and keep the house together while I was away. I was gone for almost a week and that has never happened. It felt weird to fly alone (actually I wasn't alone, I just didn't know at the time we were expecting!) also the longest I have not been with my kids is like a few days. Usually it's one night. The trip there was great made my connecting flight no problem. On the way home that's another story. The air plane had these fabulous screens that offered TV for all passengers. Well the only thing was flying over the ocean from Ft Launderdale to Houston the screens would NOT turn off and they were a blinding white! It was awful! Also I totally broke my sandal and I had checked my bag (short girl problems with no help means trying to get my bag up in the plane would have been something seen on America's Funniest Videos!) so when they offered checked bags for free I was all for it! So my broken sandal was hilarious. There was nothing I tried that would work to fix it. It was a strap not plastic and the huge foam kind. I finally said screw it and went bare foot. I just recently got another pair of sandals so I have gone months without any and the real reason I wanted some was because it's getting hard to bend over to reach my feet hahaha! So the flight was not ideal coming home but I was happy to see my hubby and kids even though they were all zonked out. I got in just before midnight so I can't blame them! 
Winston loves me! 
Cool old RR stop
My next Halloween outfit. J/K that's a lot of candy! 
Enormous box of nerds! 
This shop smelled heavenly!!!
Beach goer beware they will sting ya! We saw a ton of them washed up on shore. 
The water was perfect!
Hoping a wave doesn't knock me over 
Glad my sister wanted out of the house. Though this took a lot out of her. 
We rode the trolley back to her car. It was nice to catch a breather. 
View from the plane
Stupid screen that would flash the entire two plus hour flight to TX. 
My attempts haha FAIL
This got me onto my next flight...almost broke while walking up to the plane door. I tried to buy some shoes while in Houston but what they had was awful ugly and like $50 and more YIKES!!!
The kids that missed me SOOOOO much hahaha
I felt the love. It happened to be my birthday what a bunch of party poopers! It's not every day you turn 29....again! ;)

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