Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Scouts, Rayle's ready are you?

Rayle turned 8 on June 17th. He has only been waiting for this birthday since Teagan turned 8 and got to join cub scouts! It's hard to be the little brother! In our ward I am Cub Master and have the joy of planning scouting events. So there was a Scout Day Camp the only thing it was at the end of May and Rayle was not 8 until June 17th. We however had lots of kids back out and there is no registration return so in my mind that's just a waste! Rayle was able to go and fill a spot and he was in Heaven!!! It's three days the boys leave here around 1:30 and arrive at the camp Heard Publeo north of South Mountain. The camp ends about 10pm and they go for three different days. They get to experience archery, BB guns, art, a science lesson, and swimming plus having fun with their dens!!! I was able to go with Rayle on Friday. It was a hot day but I was sure glad I got to go and enjoy Rayle in this kind of element! I didn't take too many pictures. 
Boys singing on the way to camp. 
When we got to the camp. 
Listening to directions at archery. 
Rayle taking a shot. 
Swimming and trying to back float. 
Bathroom break so we snagged a picture. 
All the boys with their loot of light up stuff. 
The boys getting wet with bucket line. 

Rayle loved this entire experience. So glad he was able to go. Teagan got to go to camp as well but a different session. Will blog about that differently. 

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