Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Webelos Day Camp

Teagan didn't go to Scout Day camp last year as we had just moved and honestly I didn't even know what it was. We didn't have camp in our previous Stake like this so it was all new. Glad I went with Rayle and new what to expect. I got to go on a Friday again but no other parent was able to attend so it was just me. Thankfully we have some awesome scouts and they were a huge help!!!! Also it was only four boys. They had a lot of fun and it was hot and tiring for me. It took a lot out of me and I didn't recover as quickly as when I went with Rayle. Teagan really loved it and had a wonderful time. Next year he will be in 11 yr old scouts so he was only able to attend this one time. Glad he got to go at least once! 
Bow and arrow
BB gun practice
Boys rocking out to Frozen LOL
Teagan took this and I have to laugh. He was the shortest by far and he could have had someone else snap the pic. Too funny!

I took a lot more photos but with my actual camera. I need to load them onto the computer I just never think to do it. The day I went we were lots of back and forth so I think that is why it was so hard! The boys did a skit which was clever and after we left I tried to treat them to some DQ but it was closed :( so we hit up McDonalds for some dipped cones. The boys enjoyed them! I am grateful for my calling in scouts and that I also get to spend time with my boys!!!! Love them both! And I am truly hoping by the time Nolan is ready for scouts I'll know what I am doing haha!!!!

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