Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cowgirl Up

Over the weekend we did a few different things. One of which we got together with Brian's uncle on his mom's side and with his uncle's finance family. Random but what ever. It was a little stressful because I had never meet the finance and it was at her house, which is an adult home, therefore lots of things that could be destroyed by our DESTRUCTIONATOR!!! So I felt like on pins and needles, even though Debbie assured me everything is fine. I mean how would I have felt like if Ashlyn broke something? I know I am not keen on when my items get broken by myself or my kids. So we only stayed a few hours. Ashlyn as always was very busy. She discovered this Harley cowgirl hat and found it a home on her head. She was very CUTE!!! Before we had even left to go, I had tried a new braid, it has micro braids in the braid. HERE I think her hair is just not long enough yet. Hopefully soon I can make it work better in her hair! I had ended up taking it out before we left for the BQ.

Love her cute little cowgirl look!
It looked really good on her. We asked if we could buy it from Debbie, she said NO!
Close up of the braid!
Back view of my little cutie!
Another view of the braid, too bad it's didn't really work. Hair Grow!!! Except I am planning on having her hair trimmed soon.

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