Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don't you just love cranky kids!!!

We were out all day so keep that in mind , but Teagan was fine one minute eating a snack and then the next had a crying fit. He didn't want his picture taken so I did anyways. Isn't he cute! Later at Target he continued to have a fit because he wanted a Wii game. People were looking at him and seemed embarrassed. Brian and I just ignored him. I heard one little girl tell her mother how mean I was....Her mother thankfully responded that the little boy did not need to have everything that he wanted and that I was doing the right thing. Teagan we love you, and want you to know that even though you did not get what you wanted you will survive. :0)

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Alex and Melissa said...

Ahh what a face. What did you do to the poor boy:) haha.