Monday, October 20, 2008

Teagan's First Primary Program

Yesterday Sunday October 19, 2008 was Teagan's first Primary Program. He sure was an entertainment for everyone except his mother. I had to sit with him since I am in the Primary Presidency and I was unable to watch him. During his part from my point of view I thought he had gotten nervous. He has known his part for almost a month. So when he got up there, there was a long pause. Then all of a sudden he says "Hello!" really loud. I guess Sis. Skousen was trying to help him and he said, no I can do it myself. Then he said his part, "I will take care of my body and keep to clean because it is a temple." I was cracking up when he yelled out hello. He kept taking off though and leaving the stage. One time he ran. I had turned and then turned back and he was gone. He told me when he came back be had turned into Accelerate and gone to see what Missy was doing at the back of the chapel. It was fun to be up there with Teagan but I thin k he would have done better if I had not been up there. I wish I could have seen him do his part. Also two of the little girls, Kennedy and Kynlee kept playing with his hair. They loved how it was sticking up and hard from hair spray. I had to get them to stop. Also something too funny, since he is so small when he stood to sing they could could not see him so I had to have him sit in my lap. When will this boy ever get bigger! Of course we could not take pictures but I took a few before church at home and my sister took some of Brian, Teagan, and Rayle outside the church. I was of course setting up chairs.


Theresa C said...

He was so cute, and he did a great job! I loved how he tapped the mic to make sure it was on before he greeted all of us. I look forward to the Primary Program every year because you never know what these little kiddos are going to do when they get infront of a mic :)

Diana said...

You may have to ask Sis Skousen, but I thought that he flicked the mick about the time he said hello, or maybe he was playing with it. It was very entertaining!