Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ready to leave all this?

So in September of 2004 we signed on a chance at a new chapter in our lives. We had made the decision to move out to a small tiny dinky town of Coolidge, AZ. We were excited since the house would be almost twice the size of our first home. The drive we convinced ourselves was not that far. Besides Brian was working at the Fry's in Johnson Ranch. Teagan was 5 months old and needed growing room and hopefully we would add to our family. We came out practically every weekend to check up on our home. I know we were nuts, but gas was not almost $3 a gallon and we had not upgraded to a gas hog yet. So here is what Heartland Ranch looked like when we came around!

We signed in September of 2005 and Mertiage did not start our home until Dec 31st!

OOOHHHAAAAHHH look some sticks!

AH Teagan was so little!

They poured concrete and it sat, and sat, and sat some more!

Finally they started framing, make sure you leave some holes we enjoy our mice friends!

Great way to hold a house up, by the way if you put a ball on our bathroom

it will roll at a steady pace. I love fast shoty construction don't you?

Here it is all framed, notice we have no neighbors yet.

Okay it is moving along. This must be where the mice holes occur.

Okay the outside looks good, what's going on inside?


Here it is with the fence up and the outside painted, almost ready to take us in for 3 1/2 years. After we moved in on April 21, 2005 we did a lot very quickly. Our first house we did not enjoy but we just lived in it. So we painted the walls and put in a backyard. It was fun doing it, but if I had, had the chance to see what 3 years would have been like, I would have run the other way! So am I ready to leave all of this?
YOU BET!!!!!!


Theresa C said...

We are sad to see your family go... and kind of jealous of you because you get to leave this place! lol. I laughed when you mentioned that a ball rolls at a steady pace on your bathroom floor. Our bathroom has that feature, too! Good luck on your move :)

Diana said...

I think most of us convinced OURselves that the drive is not that long. I can't wait to someday be back in a NORMAL city.

Alex and Melissa said...

Where are you going?? When are you going?? Write and tell me about your newest adventure.