Saturday, August 11, 2012

Photography two year old style!

Ashlyn loves to sneak my camera when ever she can. The boys were the same about this age too. So there are constantly random pictures of items or people, before I notice and take the camera away. I think  it's funny to see what they want to capture with the camera. Things that are oh so important to a little two year old, but as adults we just pass it by. Here are some pictures that Ashlyn has taken this year.

 This is her doll, but this is not good enough.
 We need to see the detail of the doll!
 A fuzzy picture of her stuffed horse, and other items she probably got out!
 This is Rayle's, I guess better half of his body?! Oh and a pile of dirty clothes!
 Oooooo I am thinking camera strap and carpet! Great visual!
 Teagan laying in bed watching T.V. love the angle. 
 Lots going on here, stroller, bed sideboard, sandal, dress sandal, and pjs. 
 SOCKS!!! Lots of socks, I can 100% guarantee there are at least three missing socks to matches here. The boys NEVER bring their socks to the laundry and I am always finding dirty socks in their rooms. Then the wash is off because of that lost dirty sock.
 Basement shot, glad she didn't fall down!
 Teagan posing!
 I am realizing there is a flash.
 Coming to take away the camera! She doesn't run but just snaps a photo!
 Like the angel again on this one. She takes most of her photos here in this corner, as she hides after she has snatched the camera. 
 Our oh so lovely tile floor, I hate that stuff. So ugly!
 The boys encourage her photo ops. 
 She snagged the camera with some friends over and thought they needed to be in the picture too. Love how Missy is going after the camera, and again she doesn't bolt but takes a picture. Very determined.
 What is the subject; the chair, the dresser, the bed, the clothes, my purse, the shoes???
Say cheese. Again no problem taking pictures with witnesses. What a stinker!!!

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